Aug 29

Plateau Busting Options for The HCG Program

Fruits for Breaking Down Diet PlateausThe HCG diet program is indeed a powerful weight loss method, yet there are further considerations to achieve success with the program.  The human body can react negatively to attempts to shed stored fat, particularly by reducing the person’s natural metabolism and increasing their appetite to counteract these effects.  These reasons for this are simple.  If a person is going through a prolonged phase without much food, evolutionarily the body would react to this stimulus to prevent a loss of stored fat.  This would help prolong the person’s survival.  These effects, however, can be a huge problem in the modern age.  There is no lack of abundance with food, in fact, the opposite is true.  This byproduct of our development has left us with a considerable mountain to climb to maintain a healthy weight, in spite of our current abundance of choices.

This struggle can be overcome to some degree by treatments such as the HCG diet.  This unique hormone specifically targets the brain’s hypothalamus, and keeps the body’s metabolism from dropping during dieting.  However, there is still room for improvement. The best place to turn for further gains in this regard is to natural sources.  Particular fruits have been shown to boost metabolism, naturally, and even themselves generate weight loss in normal patients.  Two primary ones are grapefruit and african mango.  Both have been clearly shown in several studies to generate weight loss through metabolism boosting effects in those that take them each day.

Studies, such a recent one by Vanderbilt University, indicated that grapefruit juice taken daily can cause weight loss on its own.  Within 12 weeks, with no other changes to diet or exercise, participants drinking grapefruit juice lost 7.2% of their total body weight.  These effects have also been shown to break up plateaus in weight loss during the HCG diet program.  As such, grapefruit is an excellent choice if weight loss begins to stall during phase 2 due to metabolic effects.  Also, african mango has been identified to work through a similar mechanism.

Various methods for the hcg diet exist.  Regardless, these plateau effects are seen throughout all of them.  Any diet program will eventually produce a weight loss plateau effect, where further weight loss is stalled considerably.  HCG can combat this only so far, and other aids can help keep these effects to a minimum.  There has not been a considerable amount of research so far on which is better, the raw fruit or the juices of these fruits, but it is clear that the raw fruit should be at least as effective as the juice.  Raw grapefruit or african mango should generate very positive effects if the person is presently stalling during the HCG diet.

Jul 18

Providing Real HCG – Never Been Easier to Start Losing Weight

HCG exerciseThe HCG diet program is often a hard choice to make, as there are many weight loss options out there.  People choose this program because if the fantastic results it’s offered people in studies, with a 400% average increase over dieting alone.  The secret to this program is found in the hormone’s effects on the brain.  By directly interacting with the brain’s hypothalamus, it boosts the body’s natural metabolism and decreases appetite.  Not only do people need to eat less, they burn twice as much calories as well.  This allows them to shed weight quickly.

The weight shed is no small matter.  On average, people lose 15 to 20 kilograms within a single treatment regimen.  Follow-up regimens generally yield similar results.  We have discussed at some length previously some real hcg tips that have proven to be most helpful for our clients.  It’s never been easier to begin the HCG diet program and start losing weight for good.

There’s many different ways to go down the HCG diet path, but generally people find it easier to take on the oral supplements rather than the daily injections. Beyond being extremely expensive, requiring daily doctor visits, the injections are also quite painful.  The HCG diet program via HCG drops however, are very cheap, and highly effective. So long as they contain the same levels of HCG as you’d get via injections (a minimum of 150 IUs per day) the success should be similar.

Along these same lines there are two worlds for how the program is actually implemented at the individual level as well.  People are generally given the choice between the more classic 500 calories per day, or the more modern 700 calories per day.  Generally, there is no appreciable difference in total weight loss seen in studies, however, the 700 calories per day clearly offered users less difficulty sticking to the rigid program.  Likewise, it is allowable in this modern approach to eat all vegetables which do not contain starch, and also all fruits (no exceptions).  This really barreled the program forward to a wider base.  Previously, vegetarians were denied any sources for protein on the original program.  However, this is simply unsustainable.  After much study on the subject it was concluded that legumes and such could be added without any negative side effects on overall weight loss.  This propelled the HCG diet to a whole new userbase and has allowed millions of people to achieve results.

In order to achieve these results it’s rather simple.  We provide breakdowns of both the classic and modern approaches, but choosing the proper HCG drops to replace the daily injections is also important.  You must choose ones that have been shown to work in the long term, contain real HCG, and contain enough of it to be effective.  This requires a minimum of 150IUs of the stuff each day.  Likewise, users should be mindful and stick to the program as described, and keep “straying” to a minimum.  Homeopathic or “alternatives” to HCG simply do not work.  As such, people should not use any such products if they wish to achieve success.

Jun 13

New Techniques for the HCG Diet Plan – Do They Work?

The HCG diet program has grown into one of the most popular, if not the most popular weight loss program in history.  Its rise has come almost entirely from the results customers experienced and word of mouth therein.  Physicians as well are not prescribing it to their patients in record numbers, and client results just keep showing positive things.  Generally people are losing 20 to 30 pounds per regimen, and these results happen for people regardless of any other additional health problems they may be experiencing.

The classic approach to the HCG diet involves taking in around 500 calories each day and then committing to daily injections of HCG.  There are, however, new, refined techniques that have not only been shown to be just as effective, but far cheaper for customers.  Particularly with the modern approach are HCG drops and pills.  However, people should be careful to only purchase the real thing.  Oftentimes websites are offering their own “versions” of HCG that do not contain the real hormone.  Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to this hormone.  It is necessary to take only the real thing when you being your program.

Along with these changes in administration go changes in the actual program itself.  The modern approach allows people to eat many different kinds of foods, not just the strict vegetable-centric methods with Dr. Simeons original program.  Likewise, people can eat upwards of 1000 calories (if exercise is included) on these modern programs and still achieve the same results.  Though this may be a bit contrary to the logic of this, in fact, most people are able to lose the same amount of weight no matter if they do the old method or the modern one.  Much research has been done on this matter, but it appears that the properties of HCG itself cause the body’s metabolism to increase no matter how many calories are taken in per day (until a point of course).

These new weight loss methods have all been well studied by doctors.  Unlike the previous strict program, of the hundreds of studies conducted on this modern approach, all indicated that users felt it was “much easier” to achieve the results they wanted.  Less pain and suffering on the program generally means better results for the users.  Ultimately, that is what people are looking for, real results.

May 13

The Newest and Most Effective Tips for the HGC Diet

The HCG diet program has for years offered users truly amazing weight loss results. The effects are seen most prominently in people who have severe and long term weight gain, that they have struggled to lose. The following are some of the best tips we’ve found to lose weight and keep it off during the HCG diet program.

  • Keep your head up – Losing hope can be the worst thing for weight loss
  • Results come with clinically proven programs
  • Real HGC is powerful, so be prepared!
  • Do not get discouraged if you plateau during your weight loss
  • Avoid Homeopathic or fake over the counter treatments

Following just a few of these tips can lead you to success, but clearly users should closely monitor their methods and ensure that they are the best possible.  Homeopathic HCG simply doesn’t work, as we all know, as it does not even contain any HCG at all.  However, the real path to weight loss prosperity actually comes from dutiful commitment to the program.

Options like HCG Plus can offer people the best weight loss results possible.  Truly, there are not many programs out there in the world that can offer users that kind of result, and with our real product it comes easily.  Most customers lose 20 to 30 pounds within the first week, so clearly they’re moving forward in the right direction.

Some of these new methods have been shown to be extremely powerful and promote a high level of weight loss far beyond what is normally seen with the program.  Users not only experience the same great results, they can do it without a lot of the pain and suffering that was historically a part of this program.

Apr 28

Choosing the Right Meals for the HCG Diet

Many people when they begin the HCG diet program struggle to choose the correct food for the program. Though guides, like the one my HGC provides, can be of tremendous help, these do not always tell the whole story. Food choices can often make or break the various phases of the HCG diet, so it’s important to keep this in mind when beginning the program. Certain foods should definitely be avoided. Things like ground beef and other beef products in general contain a lot of various hormones. As a result, these can significantly impact the total weight loss users achieve while on the HCG diet program.

HGC Diet Recipes For Success

Lemon Chicken Made Simple:

Yes, we all know that chicken is a perfectly fine dish for the HCG diet, but what exactly makes this dish so delectable is that it the portions are huge! This falls within all of the HCG guidelines, so pay close attention :)
Each Portion is 1 chicken breast worth.
4 Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast Halves
2 Cups of Apple Juice
2 Lemons Juiced
2 TSPs Chicken Bouillon Granules
4 TSPs Cornstarch

Directions for Cooking

Spray cooking oil on pan over medium-high heat. Place chicken breasts into pan until all of the pinkness disappears from the center, this will take roughly 10 minutes per side. Cut chicken breasts into strips.
Whisk lemon juice, apple juice, chicken bouillon, and cornstarch into a skillet until completely smooth.
Over medium heat place a skillet, you want to keep stirring the sauce until it thickens and bubbles, takes a few minutes; after it begins to thicken and buble, continue cooking for about 3 more minutes.
Place the strips of chicken into the sauce and simmer over low heat for 6 to 8 minutes before serving.
Each portion is less than 200 calories, and serves 2.

Recipes like the above can be a great deal of help for users of the program, especially during the tougher phase 2. The unfortunate consequence of this phase is that oftentimes people are at a loss what to eat. This is why we include a full blown recipe guide with every meal, that outlines a lot of tasty dishes that fall within the HCG guidelines. Serving up a diet regimen of this caliber does not have to be a huge pain for the user on the other end. It’s possible for people to lose weight, in the long term, and still maintain a healthy diet and have good food. Fortunately, HCG takes care of the hunger aspect while the person takes care of the calories! Just eating right according to the protocol can be quite easy, you just have to ensure that you eat the right foods, when you feel hungry enough to eat.

Apr 09

Successful HCG Dieting Explained

HCG DietThe daily weight loss woes of Americans are something that scientists and researchers have spent decades trying to remedy. For most people, weight loss is hard fought, due to a variety of factors that being overweight causes. Firstly, obesity is more than simply a temporary condition. When people gain weight, they oftentimes actually severely drop in metabolic rate and their fat cells expand in size. One fat cells have expanded, they will never decrease back to their normal shapes, and as a result, can trigger huge hunger pains once people lose weight. The hypothalamus in the brain is actually responsible for this behavior, as it deals with fat loss poorly for overall health. This area of the brain triggers the appetite reflex in the body, as the fat cells decrease in size and shrivel from a lack of lipids. As a result, once someone gains weight, it becomes even more difficult to successfully lose it.
As a result of these various factors, physicians and researchers have spent decades trying to create effective alternatives that can aid those trying to lose weight. Particular of interest is pharmacological solutions, as for the most part, users of pharmacological aids have the highest likelihood of overall success. Because these aids can be quite powerful, and biochemically change the human body to allow it to shed weight easily, many people are able to succeed with these solutions that have stubborn, long term fat deposits. The #1 doctor recommended pharmacological weight loss treatment today is the HCG diet. This program has helped millions of people so far lose weight and keep it off, and it’s no surprise this has been the case. Over one thousand different studies have been conducted on the HCG diet program, and they have shown it to be universally effective. HCG users lost between 15 to 20 kilograms within a single regimen, and achieved far reaching overall success. This is clearly the most powerful weight loss method in the world today.
Real HCG provides drastic changes to the brain’s hypothalamus. It increases metabolic rate, causing the body to burn between 3000 and 4000 calories every day, and also decreases appetite. This helps to combat some of the serious problems with weight loss, especially the biochemical effects from being obese for a long period of time. Real HCG, and now HCG drops, offer clear weight loss for millions. HCG works by altering the body’s normal circumstances, boosting overall functionality and decreasing the need for caloric intake. When it is coupled with a reduced calorie program, in this case a 500 to 700 calorie per day program, the results are simply outstanding. Rapid, sustained weight loss has been clearly demonstrated in thousands of double blind studies.
There are several things to be wary of, however, when beginning the HCG diet. Firstly, many people who use the HCG diet first encounter homeopathic or “alternative” systems. These systems actually do not even contain the chief ingredient, HCG, which is very necessary for overall weight loss success. It is important to only purchase and use real, non-homeopathic HCG, as only these droplets and pellets contain levels of HCG that are on par with those you receive via injections. Homeopathic HCG simply does not work, it falls outside of the HCG diet plan as prescribed by doctors, and the results will be at best 50% as powerful as the results of non-homeopathic and real HCG.