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Aug 29

Plateau Busting Options for The HCG Program

The HCG diet program is indeed a powerful weight loss method, yet there are further considerations to achieve success with the program.  The human body can react negatively to attempts to shed stored fat, particularly by reducing the person’s natural metabolism and increasing their appetite to counteract these effects.  These reasons for this are simple. …

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Jul 18

Providing Real HCG – Never Been Easier to Start Losing Weight

The HCG diet program is often a hard choice to make, as there are many weight loss options out there.  People choose this program because if the fantastic results it’s offered people in studies, with a 400% average increase over dieting alone.  The secret to this program is found in the hormone’s effects on the …

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Jun 13

New Techniques for the HCG Diet Plan – Do They Work?

The HCG diet program has grown into one of the most popular, if not the most popular weight loss program in history.  Its rise has come almost entirely from the results customers experienced and word of mouth therein.  Physicians as well are not prescribing it to their patients in record numbers, and client results just …

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May 13

The Newest and Most Effective Tips for the HGC Diet

The HCG diet program has for years offered users truly amazing weight loss results. The effects are seen most prominently in people who have severe and long term weight gain, that they have struggled to lose. The following are some of the best tips we’ve found to lose weight and keep it off during the …

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