Aug 29

Plateau Busting Options for The HCG Program

Fruits for Breaking Down Diet PlateausThe HCG diet program is indeed a powerful weight loss method, yet there are further considerations to achieve success with the program.  The human body can react negatively to attempts to shed stored fat, particularly by reducing the person’s natural metabolism and increasing their appetite to counteract these effects.  These reasons for this are simple.  If a person is going through a prolonged phase without much food, evolutionarily the body would react to this stimulus to prevent a loss of stored fat.  This would help prolong the person’s survival.  These effects, however, can be a huge problem in the modern age.  There is no lack of abundance with food, in fact, the opposite is true.  This byproduct of our development has left us with a considerable mountain to climb to maintain a healthy weight, in spite of our current abundance of choices.

This struggle can be overcome to some degree by treatments such as the HCG diet.  This unique hormone specifically targets the brain’s hypothalamus, and keeps the body’s metabolism from dropping during dieting.  However, there is still room for improvement. The best place to turn for further gains in this regard is to natural sources.  Particular fruits have been shown to boost metabolism, naturally, and even themselves generate weight loss in normal patients.  Two primary ones are grapefruit and african mango.  Both have been clearly shown in several studies to generate weight loss through metabolism boosting effects in those that take them each day.

Studies, such a recent one by Vanderbilt University, indicated that grapefruit juice taken daily can cause weight loss on its own.  Within 12 weeks, with no other changes to diet or exercise, participants drinking grapefruit juice lost 7.2% of their total body weight.  These effects have also been shown to break up plateaus in weight loss during the HCG diet program.  As such, grapefruit is an excellent choice if weight loss begins to stall during phase 2 due to metabolic effects.  Also, african mango has been identified to work through a similar mechanism.

Various methods for the hcg diet exist.  Regardless, these plateau effects are seen throughout all of them.  Any diet program will eventually produce a weight loss plateau effect, where further weight loss is stalled considerably.  HCG can combat this only so far, and other aids can help keep these effects to a minimum.  There has not been a considerable amount of research so far on which is better, the raw fruit or the juices of these fruits, but it is clear that the raw fruit should be at least as effective as the juice.  Raw grapefruit or african mango should generate very positive effects if the person is presently stalling during the HCG diet.