Jul 18

Providing Real HCG – Never Been Easier to Start Losing Weight

HCG exerciseThe HCG diet program is often a hard choice to make, as there are many weight loss options out there.  People choose this program because if the fantastic results it’s offered people in studies, with a 400% average increase over dieting alone.  The secret to this program is found in the hormone’s effects on the brain.  By directly interacting with the brain’s hypothalamus, it boosts the body’s natural metabolism and decreases appetite.  Not only do people need to eat less, they burn twice as much calories as well.  This allows them to shed weight quickly.

The weight shed is no small matter.  On average, people lose 15 to 20 kilograms within a single treatment regimen.  Follow-up regimens generally yield similar results.  We have discussed at some length previously some real hcg tips that have proven to be most helpful for our clients.  It’s never been easier to begin the HCG diet program and start losing weight for good.

There’s many different ways to go down the HCG diet path, but generally people find it easier to take on the oral supplements rather than the daily injections. Beyond being extremely expensive, requiring daily doctor visits, the injections are also quite painful.  The HCG diet program via HCG drops however, are very cheap, and highly effective. So long as they contain the same levels of HCG as you’d get via injections (a minimum of 150 IUs per day) the success should be similar.

Along these same lines there are two worlds for how the program is actually implemented at the individual level as well.  People are generally given the choice between the more classic 500 calories per day, or the more modern 700 calories per day.  Generally, there is no appreciable difference in total weight loss seen in studies, however, the 700 calories per day clearly offered users less difficulty sticking to the rigid program.  Likewise, it is allowable in this modern approach to eat all vegetables which do not contain starch, and also all fruits (no exceptions).  This really barreled the program forward to a wider base.  Previously, vegetarians were denied any sources for protein on the original program.  However, this is simply unsustainable.  After much study on the subject it was concluded that legumes and such could be added without any negative side effects on overall weight loss.  This propelled the HCG diet to a whole new userbase and has allowed millions of people to achieve results.

In order to achieve these results it’s rather simple.  We provide breakdowns of both the classic and modern approaches, but choosing the proper HCG drops to replace the daily injections is also important.  You must choose ones that have been shown to work in the long term, contain real HCG, and contain enough of it to be effective.  This requires a minimum of 150IUs of the stuff each day.  Likewise, users should be mindful and stick to the program as described, and keep “straying” to a minimum.  Homeopathic or “alternatives” to HCG simply do not work.  As such, people should not use any such products if they wish to achieve success.