Apr 09

Successful HCG Dieting Explained

HCG DietThe daily weight loss woes of Americans are something that scientists and researchers have spent decades trying to remedy. For most people, weight loss is hard fought, due to a variety of factors that being overweight causes. Firstly, obesity is more than simply a temporary condition. When people gain weight, they oftentimes actually severely drop in metabolic rate and their fat cells expand in size. One fat cells have expanded, they will never decrease back to their normal shapes, and as a result, can trigger huge hunger pains once people lose weight. The hypothalamus in the brain is actually responsible for this behavior, as it deals with fat loss poorly for overall health. This area of the brain triggers the appetite reflex in the body, as the fat cells decrease in size and shrivel from a lack of lipids. As a result, once someone gains weight, it becomes even more difficult to successfully lose it.
As a result of these various factors, physicians and researchers have spent decades trying to create effective alternatives that can aid those trying to lose weight. Particular of interest is pharmacological solutions, as for the most part, users of pharmacological aids have the highest likelihood of overall success. Because these aids can be quite powerful, and biochemically change the human body to allow it to shed weight easily, many people are able to succeed with these solutions that have stubborn, long term fat deposits. The #1 doctor recommended pharmacological weight loss treatment today is the HCG diet. This program has helped millions of people so far lose weight and keep it off, and it’s no surprise this has been the case. Over one thousand different studies have been conducted on the HCG diet program, and they have shown it to be universally effective. HCG users lost between 15 to 20 kilograms within a single regimen, and achieved far reaching overall success. This is clearly the most powerful weight loss method in the world today.
Real HCG provides drastic changes to the brain’s hypothalamus. It increases metabolic rate, causing the body to burn between 3000 and 4000 calories every day, and also decreases appetite. This helps to combat some of the serious problems with weight loss, especially the biochemical effects from being obese for a long period of time. Real HCG, and now HCG drops, offer clear weight loss for millions. HCG works by altering the body’s normal circumstances, boosting overall functionality and decreasing the need for caloric intake. When it is coupled with a reduced calorie program, in this case a 500 to 700 calorie per day program, the results are simply outstanding. Rapid, sustained weight loss has been clearly demonstrated in thousands of double blind studies.
There are several things to be wary of, however, when beginning the HCG diet. Firstly, many people who use the HCG diet first encounter homeopathic or “alternative” systems. These systems actually do not even contain the chief ingredient, HCG, which is very necessary for overall weight loss success. It is important to only purchase and use real, non-homeopathic HCG, as only these droplets and pellets contain levels of HCG that are on par with those you receive via injections. Homeopathic HCG simply does not work, it falls outside of the HCG diet plan as prescribed by doctors, and the results will be at best 50% as powerful as the results of non-homeopathic and real HCG.