Jun 13

New Techniques for the HCG Diet Plan – Do They Work?

The HCG diet program has grown into one of the most popular, if not the most popular weight loss program in history.  Its rise has come almost entirely from the results customers experienced and word of mouth therein.  Physicians as well are not prescribing it to their patients in record numbers, and client results just keep showing positive things.  Generally people are losing 20 to 30 pounds per regimen, and these results happen for people regardless of any other additional health problems they may be experiencing.

The classic approach to the HCG diet involves taking in around 500 calories each day and then committing to daily injections of HCG.  There are, however, new, refined techniques that have not only been shown to be just as effective, but far cheaper for customers.  Particularly with the modern approach are HCG drops and pills.  However, people should be careful to only purchase the real thing.  Oftentimes websites are offering their own “versions” of HCG that do not contain the real hormone.  Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to this hormone.  It is necessary to take only the real thing when you being your program.

Along with these changes in administration go changes in the actual program itself.  The modern approach allows people to eat many different kinds of foods, not just the strict vegetable-centric methods with Dr. Simeons original program.  Likewise, people can eat upwards of 1000 calories (if exercise is included) on these modern programs and still achieve the same results.  Though this may be a bit contrary to the logic of this, in fact, most people are able to lose the same amount of weight no matter if they do the old method or the modern one.  Much research has been done on this matter, but it appears that the properties of HCG itself cause the body’s metabolism to increase no matter how many calories are taken in per day (until a point of course).

These new weight loss methods have all been well studied by doctors.  Unlike the previous strict program, of the hundreds of studies conducted on this modern approach, all indicated that users felt it was “much easier” to achieve the results they wanted.  Less pain and suffering on the program generally means better results for the users.  Ultimately, that is what people are looking for, real results.